We believe it is important that our clients know the type of business they are engaging with, when they work with Om Networks, dba Omsoft.

We are a privately held family business from Davis CA.

  • Privately owned- Omsoft management, with over forty years of experience in the IT space, is in full control of its fiduciary responsibility and operational status. This way, we can ensure, that our ethical and moral standards, are always observed. When it comes to working with our clients, and their data, first and foremost we can cleave to the principles we started the company with. We don't have investors demanding we squeeze increased profit on a quarterly basis, and so can operate in a forthright, honest manner. Our ownership team, a mother and son, is family based, and are the original owners. This has allowed us to put forward a consistent position of business practice over the past 15 years.

  • Honesty - Omsoft is committed to honest interactions with its customers, from all support staff, management, to the customer at all times. Its one of our greatest strengths. There is no dissembling. Many IT shops will spin interesting answers to you about what an issue could be if it reflects poorly or negatively on their work, or if they can earn more billable hours. Not so with us, we tell our clients the situation exactly as we understand it at the time. Should we be at fault we admit it. We never engage in "repair creep" whereby the client's IT issues are inflated to generate a larger repair bill than is necessary. We seek the truth in all Internet and repair situations, and keep an eye as to what is fair, and best for the client, versus what generates the most money.

  • Customer Satisfaction - Omsoft's measure of success is driven by customer satisfaction with the service provided to them. As it should be. "Deliver a good product, do right by your clients, and the rest will take care of itself." This was the wisdom of my Grandfather, and Great Uncle, both entrepenuers from the prior generation. This philosophy is instilled in our management practice, and is at the core of our business. One of the most rewarding things is to get a nice note, call, or email from a client that appreciates the good service provided to them on behalf of our staff. Our management and staff look every day to make sure issues are resolved to everyone's satisfaction. We make sure there are multiple avenues available for customers to contact us, should there be any needs, via phone, email, or walk in.

  • Privacy - Omsoft protects,and does not disclose, any customer proprietary information. We do not, nor ever have, seek to make additional income from your information by selling it to any marketing entities. Nor do we work with companies that snoop your Internet traffic and insert pertinent ads to better direct you to purchasing opportunities. We provide an uncompromised, unmonitored Internet connection, and confidential handling of any customer data that comes into and out of our shop. Our email services are confidential, and the content of the email is not analyzed by algorithims to deliver advertising. Once email is deleted it is gone after our system backup cycle of 90 days completes, it is well and truly no longer available. Web request logs are not analyzed or delivered to any third party agencies for marketing purposes.

  • Small and Local - Our company, for the last 15 years, has focused on serving our customers in the greater Sacramento area. Our local techs, live and work in this area, and we contribute to non profits, notably Davis Community Network, that provide free services for non -profits throughout the area. Our technicians make visits throughout the area, and when you call you speak with the same people that have been working with our developed systems over the past 15 years. With the original owners, our support staff have all been with the company longer than 5 years, the lead tech 13 years. This provides a company position with consistency, where the client can develop a relationship of trust with your Internet and computer engineers, and trust them to look out for your best interests. Unlike other large corporations, you develop relationships and can expect superior service from smaller local companies. We are focused on our customers, and we are focused on providing an excellent product for them.


Please consider, how much of peace of mind clients can save by working with smaller companies. We will help keep the service circle complete once you are established. We keep our customers online through an effective support feedback mechanism with dispatches as needed. It allows you to use one vendor for your Internet and support needs. So often, larger companies will pass the buck, or charge excessive fees to fix simple issues, that they deem, "outside of their responsibility." Then the client will get caught between 2 vendors, passing the blame back and forth, and charging the client the whole time. We view your Internet connection as our responsibility, and then assist with subsidized support for your local network, or computer issues if that is where we determine the problem to lie.

Thanks, and if you are in the greater Sacramento Area, consider Om Networks!