056_Connecting-with-others-3-5Connecting With Others: Lessons for Teaching Social and Emotional Competence
by Dr. Rita C. Richardson & Dr. Elisabeth T. Evans

Connecting With Others integrates a variety of strategies for teaching social and emotional competence to students in kindergarten through middle school. It is a fun-to-do, pro-active program that helps students, learn to be sensitive to differences, resolve conflicts without resorting to violence, and show understanding, tolerance, & acceptance of others. Each of the first two volumes (grades K-2) and (grades 3-5) contain 30 lessons: Concept of Self and Others, Socialization, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution, Communication, Sharing, Empathy and Caring. The new volume (grades 6-8) contains 40 lessons, Awareness of Self and Others, Responsibility, Communication, Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, Self-Advocacy, Altruism, Time Management. The authors offer suggestions on how to incorporate selected lessons into academic subjects such as social studies, language arts, or health education.

Connecting with Others (Grades K-2) 336 pages, Item # 058  $39.95

Connecting with Others (Grades 3-5) 336 pages,  Item # 056  $39.95

Connecting with Others (Grades 6-8) 336 pages, Item # 057  $39.95



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