120 Break-It-UpBreak It Up: A Teacher's Guide to Managing Student Aggression
by Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein, James Palumbo, Susan Striepling, and Anne Marie Voutsinas

Offers step-by-step procedures for establishing a team approach to safely handle student disruptiveness and aggression in and around the school. Includes a comprehensive fight management system submitted by teachers at all grade levels. Teaching plans and instructional behavior for rules and procedures, home school collaboration, physical classroom arrangements, horseplay, rules violation, disruptiveness, refusal, cursing, bullying, sexual harassment, physical threats, vandalism, out-of-control behavior, fights, attacks on teachers, group aggression, special topics, personal and student safety; fight scene management; training of personnel; assertive verbal commands; appropriate restraint, containment, and self-protection techniques; crowd control; dealing with weapons; postfight discipline.

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