122 Peer-Mediatn-Student-ManualPeer Mediation: Conflict Resolution in Schools
by Fred Schrumpf, Donna K. Crawford and Richard J. Bodine

Design, implement, and operate a successful peer mediation program with students in grades 6-12, emphasis on social and cultural diversity. The program contains a total of 30 training activities, such as name-calling, put-downs, prejudice, rumors, boy/girl issues, threats and lost or damaged property. Students are given a chance to sit face to face and tell their sides of the story without being interrupted. After defining the problem, solutions are discussed and then evaluated. When an agreement is reached, a contract is written and signed.

PROGRAM GUIDE provides step-by-step instructions for staff orientation and training, student orientation, and the selection and training of mediators. It contains numerous reproducible forms, including sample contracts and a variety of consent and evaluation forms.

STUDENT MANUAL serves as both a workbook and handy reference guide. It covers the program's goals and objectives, qualities and role of the peer mediator, necessary communication skills and the six steps in the mediation process. It includes training activities, role-playing exercises, worksheets, and sample peer mediation forms.

Program Guide, 350 pages Item # 121 $29.95

Student Manual, 104 pages Item # 122 $12.95



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