129 Creating-Peaceable-Prog.-GuCreating the Peaceable School: A Comprehensive Program for Teaching Conflict Resolution
by Richard J. Bodine, Donna K. Crawford, and Fred Schrumpf

Imagine a school of classrooms where learners manage and resolve their own conflicts, where students and teachers cooperate, where diversity is celebrated, where feelings are expressed in ways that are neither aggressive nor destructive, where responsibility is the norm!! Creating the Peaceable School presents a workable plan for achieving this vision. Throughout the conflict resolution strategies of mediation, negotiation, and group problem solving, students learn to recognize, manage, and resolve conflicts in peaceful, non-coercive ways. Includes 63 learning activities; step-by-step teaching procedures; guidelines for programs organization, implementation, and maintenance; sample letters, contracts, and forms; examples of role-play situations; and more.

The Student Manual is a workbook that summarizes important concepts and contains a variety of forms and worksheets designed to reinforce learning. The guide plus manual provide a unique and powerful system for creating peaceable schools.

Designed for use with upper elementary and middle school students.

Item # 129 $35.95 Program Guide

Item # 128 $14.95 Student Manual



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