Thunderbird 2 for Windows

Go ahead and open up Thunderbird. To add a new account, click on Tools and then Account Settings, then click the Add Account Button


Windows Thunderbird 2 Account Settings Properties Box


Then select Email Account as the Account type, and click Next, to enter your Proper Name and your email address.

Name and Address Link


Click Next after filling that out to pick Account Type. IMAP is good if you want to use your emai over multiple devices, like phones. Use POP if you are going to have all your email on your one computer. IMAP keeps your email on our server, POP keeps it on your computer. The server name you can use is

Pick your type of email acct


After you hit the Next button again, you will be asked for your username, generally it is the first part of the email address before the @ sign


Enter your username.


Then you will be asked for an Account Name, this is just for your reference when you view all your different email accounts. If you don't care to make a special name, just leave the prompted default name picked by Thunderbird (your email address)


Acct name


This final NEXT is the last one, and you've made it through your initial account setup. Look over the summary screen carefully to make sure that all the information you have entered is correct.

Summary box, double check your info

Now we need to make sure that mail will be sent correctly.  click on tools, and account settings again.  In the left hand column, select the Outgoing Server (SMTP).  Then click on the edit button to get to the smtp server options. 


 choose outgoing server (smtp)

In the options, change the port to 465.  Check the box for "Use name and Password".   Enter your username.  Select No under "Use secure connection". 

enter smtp server options

Hit ok, then hit ok again on the account settings window and you should be all set!