MAC OSX 10.0-10.4 Dial-up Setup

Setting up Mac OS X for use with a dial up connection is a simple, 5 minute job. With the computer completely booted up, from the Finder desktop, open the Network Control Panel.

Apple Menu --> System Preferences... Click on the Network icon. click network icon

Make sure that Internal Modem is selected then click on the TCP/IP tab.

select tcp/ip tab

The Configure: Menu should be set to Using PPP.

In the field Domain Name Server field enter these numbers:,        enter dns in domain name server field

Now click on the PPP tab to get to the next window.

click on ppp tab.

Enter Omsoft in the Service Provider field.

In the Telephone Number field type in one of the phone numbers that's local to you.

In Davis: 297-6694
In Woodland: 669-5808
In Sacramento: 440-1965
In Winters: 795-0114

If you are not certain that a number is a local call for you, check with the phone company. Omsoft cannot be responsible for any local-toll or long distance charges that may occur on your phone bill.

The Account Name Field: Enter the username for your account in lowercase letters without any spaces. Your username is the first part of you DCN email address before the @ symbol.

The Password Field: Type in your password. It will show up as dots, this is normal.

With everything needed in the proper fields, click the apply now button.





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