Om Networks now offers bundled land line voice and broadband Internet for the low price of $52.95 per month plus tax. $5 per month surcharge for business circuits.

Say goodbye to mega-corporate frustrations, and enjoy local, and professional customer service. End your relationship with the broadband Internet duopoly, using your data as a marketing product, and an easy subpeona away from divulging all your data. Communication, secure, private and within user control, and network operations transparency.

Now available in Davis, Woodland and Sacramento, and throughout Southern California. The closer you are to the Central TELCO office the better the speed, up to 50 Mbps down and up 10Mbps up. Some data correlating distance to speed is available in this graph.

Dual line service also available for double the bandwidth, up to 100 Mbps for $95.90 monthly plus tax

The best part to all this is you no longer have to hassle with the Regional Bell Operating Company, and can  get all your support from small business.

You can port your existing land line phone number to OmFusion. The order window from order to completion is 1-2 weeks. On a land line port from existing service, there is about 1-2 hours of downtime on the due date but that is all. Serious orders only please, a lot of work goes into ordering, installing and providing this excellent product to your residence or business.

Business locations are an additional $5 per month, and Static IPs are available at $6 per address per month, and available in increments of 1, 4 and 8.

  • ADSL2+/VDSL2 modems are available for a $50 deposit,
  • ADSL2+ Gateways (Modem + WiFi) are available for a $75 deposit.
  • VDSL2 Gateways (Modem + WiFi) are available for a $100 deposit.
  • ADSL and VDSL Bonded Gateways (Modem + WiFi) are available for a $160 deposit.

Deposits will be refunded up return of the working modem or with power supply if services are canceled.

Contact us for availability.

Order inquiries online,  by phone or by emailing, include your full address, name, and telephone number if available.

Manage Land Line voicemail, call forwarding, and international calling features at

Phone service includes the following features:

  • Voicemail (offers email delivery, plus SMS and Twitter notification)
  • Caller ID with Name
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Three way calling (Flash)
  • Call Forwarding (*72/*73)
  • Web portal to manage features and access voicemail (not yet available)
  • International calling (International rates)
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling (Usage policy)
  • 311 Local Services
  • 411 Free Business Information with Free Call Connect
  • 511 Traffic Information
  • 611 Customer Service
  • 711 TTY Relay
  • 811 Call Before you Dig!
  • 911 Emergency

Phone service provided by Sonic Telecom Inc.
Manage Land Line voicemail, call forwarding, and international calling features by registering at here