OmFiber in NDM North Davis Meadows I and II

Project Description

Design, Build, Operate fiber optic network in North Davis Meadows for Internet Access


Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Jul 01 2019
  • End
    Nov 01 2020

07/01/2019 11/01/2020


Overall Project Completion

  • Research, Design & Budget

  • Outside Plant Installation & Order, Place Fiber Optic Cable



  • 40%

    Site Preparation & Permitting

  • 80%

    Residential Drop Installation & Service Activation


Research, Design & Budget


Site Preparation & Permitting


Outside Plant Installation & Order, Place Fiber Optic Cable


Residential Drop Installation & Service Activation

Research, Design & Budget 100% Complete 6/6 Tasks completed

Research, plan and document the proposed network deployment. Evaluate and select network electronics, cabling, and outside plant components. Prepare operational plans equipment configurations, standards and practices for installation. Develop and agree to proposed budgets.

6/6 Completed Tasks

  • Physical Network Design
  • Logical Network Design
  • Construction Designs
  • Construction Plan
  • Network Equipment Budget and Specification
  • Drop Installation Budget and Specification

Site Preparation & Permitting 100% Complete 7/7 Tasks completed

Acquire Locked Telecom Cabinet facility lease for NDM Fiber Distribution  to interconnect to the Internet. Purchase install test proposed network equipment, Internet Access backhaul connection. Research and undergo training for cable termination, splicing, monitoring, training certification. Filing and planning construction plans and receiving permits.

7/7 Completed Tasks

  • OmFiber Main Distribution Frame (MDF) Site Lease
  • OmFiber MDF Equipment Purchase, Order, Install, Test
  • Fiber Optic Technician Training and Certification
  • OmFiber MDF Backhaul Order, Install, Test
  • Permit Request Filing
  • Construction Permit Received
  • Utility Discovery/Location Tagging, Flagging

Outside Plant Installation & Order, Place Fiber Optic Cable 100% Complete 7/7 Tasks completed

After all permits are received, notice, prepare and schedule with community construction of below grade conduits, vaults and hand holes.  Complete outside plant construction and installation with mule tape to provide accurate measurements,  and to pull the fiber. Restore pavement, complete inspections, and deliver mule tape measurements, to fiber manufacturer.  Take delivery of all fiber optic glass sections from  manufacturer, return to neighborhood and pull sections through conduit with mule tape to all vaults and hand holes. Place splices as needed, all below grade fiber optic infrastructure in the public rights of way are completed at this phase.

7/7 Completed Tasks

  • OSP Materials ordered and delivered
  • Conduit Installation in Rights of Way Public Outreach, Scheduling
  • Conduit, Vault, Hand Hole Installation in Rights of Way
  • As Builts and Measurements delivered to Corning and into Inventory Tracking Software.
  • Corning Cable Order and Delivery
  • Placement of all F1 and F2 FO Cable in Rights of Way
  • Sealing, Restoral, Inspection Public Rights of Way

Residential Drop Installation & Service Activation 78% Complete 4/8 Tasks completed

Order and receive After all outside conduit plant and fiber optic cable F1 F2 is pulled throughout the neighborhood notice, prepare and schedule end user customers for delivery of residential drop. All end user drops proceed as follows: engineering planning meeting with customer to identify conduit path to the building, and into the premises; schedule install test restore, outside conduit and fiber to exterior NID; schedule install test, "inside" conduit and fiber to wall jack; service activation, installation and test Internet Access.  End user signs off on installation, activation,  drop documentation, utility easement.  Phone number port begins, for any complementary VoIP phone service users, OTA HD Antenna provided as requested.

4/8 Completed Tasks

  • Residential Drop Preparation Meetings
  • Order Drop Fiber, NID Enclosures
  • Drop Crew Contractor selected
  • Install, Test, Restore to All Outside Premesis Drop
  • Install, Test, Restore to All Inside Premesis Jack
  • Internet Service Activate, Test, Verify, Document
  • Optional VoIP Phone service, land line number porting and activation
  • Optional OTA TV Antenna, Installation, delivery, test

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