Setting up Android Mail

Begin by opening your android mail.
Enter your email address and password. Then tap "Manual Setup"
Select IMAP for the account type
Make sure your username is entered correctly. The username will be the first part of your email address, just the part before the @ symbol, all lowercase. The IMAP server is "". Security type is SSL, Port 993. Leave the IMAP path prefix field blank. Click next to continue.
the outgoing server is also "". Set security type to TLS, port 465. Check the box for "Require sign-in". Username and password are the same as the incoming settings. Click next to continue.
On the next screen you can give the account a name, so it is easier to identify if you have multiple accounts. The name can be whatever you wish. The "Your Name" field will appear as your name on the emails you send out. Click done, and you should be able to start receiving and sending mail.