Om Networks is a State of California certified repair center, and works repairs with a variety of hardware and software platforms.

We offer pickup and dropoff of systems for workshop repair, as well as onsite repair for home or business.

A cost-effective, subsidized hourly rate of $75 per hour is offered to current residential customers of our Internet services, $95 per hour, for general public residential services. Our rate for business customers, which often get same day appointments, is a rate of $100 per hour for current Internet service customers, or $125 per hour for general public business customers. We only charge for time spent on repairs, when technicians are interfacing with the computer, or actively researching to solve your issue.

We don’t charge for time that computers take for virus scans, installations, or other automated tests. Estimates may be provided over phone upon request after initial diagnosis. There is NO CHARGE if we cannot fix your problem to your satisfaction, and NO CHARGE for initial diagnosis if no repairs are authorized or wanted. (E.G If it’s not worth repair)

A copy of our Repair Service agreement may be found here.

Here are some of the hardware and software issues we are familiar with:

Hardware Repair Time Estimate Software Repair Time Estimate
Power Issues 30-60 mins OS Upgrade 60-90 mins
Ram Upgrade 15-30 mins Malware infection 60-120 mins
Hard Drive Replacement 30-45 mins HD Clone / File Copy 60-180 mins
Laptop DC Jack $150 Flat fee Speed Optimization 60-120 mins