Begin by opening your android email program, its icon should look something like:


The first setup screen will ask you to select your email provider.  Select “Other”

On the next screen enter your email address and password.  Tap next when finished.

Choose IMAP4 on the following screen and tap next.


On the incoming server settings screen you will need to enter the server name, which is “”.  Set security type to “SSL”,  the port number should auto-populate to 993.  Make sure your username and password are correct, and tap on next to move on.

Outgoing server settings are up next.  The outgoing server name is just like the incoming server.   Security type is “TLS”, and the port number will auto-populate to 587.  The setting “Sign-in required” should be set to on, and you will need to enter your username and password.  Tap next when finished.


On the last screen, you can give the account a name to help identify it in case you need to setup multiple accounts.  Tap on done, and you can begin using your email.