omthego Internet appliance

omthego is a mobile Internet access product line from Omsoft. Our long expertise with Mikrotik Internet router hardware, combined with T-Mobile’s LTE network, powers this convenient and fast mobile WiFi unit.

This product works throughout the T-Mobile/Sprint service area, which is vast, as it combines 2 major cell phone carriers.  It features a much stronger LTE modem than the one found in your cell phone or T-Mobile branded hotspot. You can also connect the omthego  via Ethernet (aka hard wire) to your own existing WiFi router, or wired computer.

Its very easy to set up. Use it in minutes. Plug it in, and you have a WiFi Internet network wherever you go, and whenever you need it. No wires! No expensive hardware costs. No Contracts. Battery pack available for locations with no AC power!

Some use cases for omthego:

  • Main Internet down waiting on a repair?

  • Waiting for your new Internet to be installed?

  • Having a party or meeting and need extra Internet capability?

  • A bit off the grid and still need internet?

  • Need a temporary solution for a jobsite?

  • Looking for internet service that can travel with you?

  • Supplement your cell phone hot spot for an important test?

  • Need to bypass the company firewall or network?

  • An outside Internet connection for testing?

  • Very temporary Internet access needs without investing in expensive  hotspot hardware with a contract and a monthly service.

Then our omthego hotspots may be just the thing you are looking for!

EASY setup of omthego:

  • Plug the black power cord into the beige power dongle. 

  • Plug the omthego Ethernet cable into the beige power dongle

  • After 3 minutes, look for the omthegoXX network in your list of WiFi networks

  • Connect to that network and put in the password printed on the label.

  • Now you are connected to the Internet!

Connect as many devices as you need, supports about 10-15 devices. Bandwidth speeds vary depending on the signal strength to the nearby tower and can be between 5-30 Mbps up and down. No bandwidth caps on any omthego devices

How much does omthego cost?

  • Daily – $15

  • Weekly – $40

  • Monthly – $119

  • Equipment Deposit – $99

  • USB Battery bank available for 25% surcharge on rental rate. Approximately 8 hours of charge

  • USB Battery Bank Deposit – $50

How can I reserve an omthego for use?

  • Fill out this reservation form here

  • Call us at 5307580119, speak with an agent and make sure we have one available

  • Email our help desk at

  • Intended to be used in out of the way places? check with our staff to make sure this will work for you, stronger Antenna units available

  • Online store coming soon

We also have a Fixed Antenna LTE Modem product with an extremely sensitive higher gain antenna, and a much stronger modem called omLeTE. This is a small dish that would be professionally mounted on your roof, and and aimed at a nearby tower for the best signal reception.

¬†Cell Phone LTE Type speeds, No bandwidth caps! Better antenna means it gets service where cell phone service doesn’t normally reach. Its great for a fixed installation in Rural areas, locations outside the service range of wired connections, home or business Internet. More details here