Dedicated Internet Access Via OmFiber brings reliable, fast Internet to your business with SLAs and corep protections

OmFiber leverages in ground fiber paths developed by major telco and cable companies to provide point to point, or point to multi point fiber connections for network services. We provide high-quality, bFiber Deployment Panelusiness- class Internet connections for Apartment Complexes, Shopping Centers, Office Complexes, or high tech business that require 100% uptime, and dedicated bandwidth with professional monitoring and management.

Om Networks has long experience managing high-uptime, high-bandwidth fiber connections for customers that require consistent and reliable performance. These connections are not shared, but dedicated, and they are designed for superior reliability and deliver their rated performance all day and night.

Om Networks engineers each circuit based on location and bandwidth needs, so all service pricing would be quoted on request. Quotes take 3 to 5 business days to generate, and may be requested by email to

However, a typical deployment, of 100Mbps up/down dedicated service, to a facility within 500 feet of a fiber pathway, on a 2 year term would be $1700 monthly. There are no up front installation costs on a two year term, and one time fiber termination equipment fees are $700. This equipment may be leased

OmFiber is available in bandwidths as narrow as 10Mbps and as wide as 1 Gbps. It is delivered via generally as an 1000BaseSX optical handoff to the customer facility for forward growth, but 100 MBps increments may be ordered, and quotes will include an upgrade path should you require more service to your facility. Typical increments ordered are 10, 50 100, 250, 500, 800, or 1024 Mbps (1 Gbps)

All OmFiber circuits have 24x7x365 monitoring and response time.  All OmFiber OmFiber clients have 24x7x365 access to systems and network administration who are available to provide immediate aid and network support services.

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