Om Networks has operated a Wireless network for broadband Internet Access since 2004. We have services throughout parts of Yolo County, mostly concentrated in West and North of Davis, CA.

Wireless is delivered via microwave, and customers may take the signal in using a small radio and antenna assembly into their home. An outdoor grade Ethernet cable is used, to both deliver power to the equipment on the roof, plus transmit and receive data through the radio and antenna to one of our tower sites.

Inside your home, you get an Ethernet cable connection which you can use for your one computer, or wireless router. This service features a Static IP address, and we focus on using the Mikrotik radio product line throughout our network for reliability and uptime.

Bandwidth allowance Monthly fee Includes
Up to 2Mbps/384Kbps $32.95 Static IP, 2 ACCOUNT
Up to 3Mbps/512Kbps $42.95 Static IP, 5 ACCOUNT, 24×7 Monitoring
Up to 4Mbps/1Mbps $52.95 5 Static IP, 5 Account, 24×7 Monitoring, Equipment Protection Plan
NO SPEED CAPS $72.95 5 Static IP, 5 Account, 24×7 Monitoring, Equipment Protection Plan, Next Business Day Onsite Support

Installation fees for this product are:

$75 per hour – typical installs take 1-3 hours

$200 – routerboard + radio + antenna + enclosure + Outdoor Cat 5. This fee will be waived on a 2 year term agreement.

For more information or a free onsite survey  please contact our sales department.