Need to setup an auto reply for your vacation or forward your mail to another address? Need to change your password for your email? You can use Webmin for these tasks.

Go to the address and enter your username and password.







To change your password, enter your current password for your email, and enter your new password in the “New password” and the “New password again” fields.  Click change now and your password will be changed.







To setup a forward or autoreply, select “Mail Forwarding and Replies” on the left side of the screen.









You can now choose to have your mail forwarded to another email address of setup an auto-responder.

If you would like to have your mail forwarded to another email address select the “Forward to other address?” checkbox and fill in the address you like it to go to.

If you would like to setup an auto-responder select the “Send automatic reply?” checkbox and then type the auto-reply in the box below the checkbox.  In the “From: address for replies” field select the “Determine automatically” radio button.  It is recommended to set the “Minimum time between autoreplies” to five minutes.

Click save when you are finished.