Transparency Disclosures

Network Management

  • Blocking: Omsoft does not block access to legal content, applications, services or devices.
  • Throttling: Omsoft does not throttle connections to lawful net traffic on the basis of content, application, services, user, or devices.
  • Affiliated Prioritization: Omsoft is not affiliated with any third party and does not favor some internet traffic over another.
  • Paid Prioritization: Omsoft does not have a program to favor traffic in exchange for payment.
  • Congestion Management: Omsoft does not rate limit based on traffic or the amount of per customer usage on its services.

Performance Characteristics

  • Service Description: Service descriptions can be found on individual product pages.
  • Non-Broadband Internet Access Data Services: These services have no impact on the availability or performance of our internet services

Commercial Terms

  • Prices: Pricing information can be found on individual service pages on this website
  • Privacy Policy: Privacy policy can be found here.
  • Redress Options: Questions, complaints, and other inquiries can be discussed by using any of the contact methods listed on our contact page.