OM Networks offers reliable and private Email services as part of all its Internet Access accounts.  We have provided this service, in conjunction with Davis Community Network for over 20 years.

Should you need affordable, reliable, private email service they are available from Om Networks and DCN.

Email Mailboxes ending in, or, at a price of $4.50 per monthy or $30 per year.

Please email or call 530-758-0119 to signup for an email account with us.

Here are some notable features or our email product:

  • POP/IMAP – POP email stores all email on your computer.  It is best for privacy minded persons.  IMAP email stores all your email on our server.  IMAP is best if you want the same email spread out over multiple devices but you must be conneted to the internet to have your mail.
  • SPAM Filtering – OM Networks uses carrier standard SPAM filtering with Barracuda Networks.  The SPAM firewall does a very good job at blocking SPAM using a two step solution, a very beefy cloud hosted system, plus a locally adminstereed system.  Our staff have been working with this platform for over 10 years, and so are very adept at supporting our customers on this platform.
  • WebMail – We have both Roundcube and SquirrelMail available as web based email platforms.  These operate directly through webpages with the same features as you would see in common free email services but withou advertising.