Welcome to Om Networks, dba Omsoft, (the “Site”).

Om Networks, an IT company, that operates an ISP, and has other services, uses a centralized service based billing platform. All invoices, charges and payments, are logged in this system, which is kept in our secure facility, and has restricted access.

All billings for services, such as internet services, bill ahead. That is, customers receive the bill at the beginning of the month, for that month in question, and that bill will be Net20, due by the end of the month. Payment for one time services, such as repairs, or consultants fees, may be paid on delivery, or will be invoiced out the following month through the billing system.

All statements and invoices are delivered via EMAIL to a valid address provided at initial service provision. Paper statements are available for a $0.75 surcharge.

Any changes (e.g speed upgrades) or cancellations to recurring billed services must be provided in WRITING in one of the following ways, email to, fax to 530-758-0140, or postal mail to:


1930 5th ST Suite C
Davis CA 95616

REFUND POLICY Om Networks will provide pro-rated refunds on a case by case basis for services canceled in the middle of the month, after it receives a written request to do so, and all processing of that cancellation request is completed with Omsoft’s Vendors. Cancellation windows can take between 3 to 21 business days to complete processing. Omsoft Modem deposit fees will be refunded as long as the equipment is returned within 60 days of the date of cancellation request email, is still use able, and contains the Modem or Router, and its requisite power supply.

Omsoft accepts; cash, check, credit card, (Amex, MC, Visa) debit card,(with MC/Visa number) Paypal, Chase Bill Pay, bitcoin, and Davis Dollars, in exchange for services. Omsoft also believes in and is willing to trade in some cases, for other goods and services, but those arrangements must be worked out through the management.

Any billing disputes concerning monthly fees or refunds may be submitted via email to, or by calling 5307580119.

Here is a calendar time line of our Accounts Receivable Process

  • 1st – New monthly charges accrue to recurring service (e.g ISP) accounts
  • 4th-5th – Credit/Debit Cards are run for any outstanding balances, and receipts for Credit Card payment, and invoices for other forms of payment are emailed and postal mailed out
  • 25th – This is the DUE DATE (DD); Invoices are due and considered Past due the following day. At this point a 1.5% late fee surcharge will accrue on the uncollected balance
  • DD+30 – After attempts by Accounts Receivable staff plus additional invoices, services become subjected to SUSPENSION until payment is received.
  • DD+60 – After attempts by Accounts Receivable staff plus additional invoices, services become subjected to DELETION, and referred to collections services.