Over the past year everyone has realized how vitally important high quality and reliable telecommunications services are in our daily life. From distance learning to zoom meetings, the current environment portends, more and varied time online. Fiber Optic cable leads all other internet connections in quality and reliability. It created the globe spanning Internet network to begin with, when it was mostly research universities, and large technology companies.  Today, this cable is the backbone connecting all of the data centers, universities, cell towers,  governments, utilities and continents. Fiber Optic is used for the backbone of the Internet this way because light and not electricity is used for the signalling. Fiber Optic laser light flickering on and off, up to several billion times in one second is what encodes and  delivers the signal through the glass tube, or fiber optic cable to your home.  So this means it is not susceptible to so many outage issues as other types of Internet, but it can also  transmit MUCH more data. 

Naturally, getting fiber optic cable all the way to the home and business is the trajectory of development for the Internet connection to the home.

Omsoft and its construction partner have completed an all fiber network in North Davis Meadows, and there is cabling set aside for your neighborhood as well. Not only can this product deliver more bandwidth or Mbps, than your cell tower based Internet , Fixed WiFi Internet, or the latest satellite craze, it’s superior in two other important factors, those are Latency and Jitter. That means FO cable is superior for these new Internet uses of high quality video chat, (Zoom, Hangouts, Facetime etc.) internet phone, and any live stream type session.  All fiber based Internet circuits come with equal upload speeds to the download speed allowing for the sending of data out just as quickly as receiving your data, so the person you are video chatting too will see you more clearly too, just as you see them better.

Invest in this important asset for your future online peace of mind now, and support local Yolo county companies at the same time.

We only need 30 homes to sign the contract taking the Internet Access and Infrastructure, or just Infrastructure ONLY, to build out the Binning Tract and connect the neighborhood to our nearby cabinet.

Below are some important details and links for your review, and we hope we can work with your neighborhood soon.


Conduit installation method which will be used in Binning Tract

  • Onetime, at-cost build out of entire neighborhood, $210,000. This fee is split pro rata among homeowners and the monthly amount is not to exceed the 33 home level on the infrastructure fee chart found in the proposal, or email notice.
  • All fiber optic cable, buried, Active Ethernet design. This means a dedicated fiber port and cable for each home. This is the best design for fiber optic.
  • NDM residents were able to significantly cut expensive Satellite TV and Landline phone bills when fiber optic was installed by using VoIP and over the Internet TV packages.
  • First 30 customers to sign contracts eligible for FREE Up to 500 mins of complimentary VoIP Phone service included
  • First 30 customers to sign contracts eligible for FREE HD TV antenna
  • The full proposal is here.
  • The contract may be reviewed here.
  • Please respond here if your are positive, negative, or have questions, to our Letter of Intent so our companies’ may plan accordingly.

Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and response. We look forward to permanently improving your neighborhood and providing outstanding Internet Access.

Robert Nickerson, Om Networks & Joe Souza, Pacific Utility Construction