Fiber Optic cable, is a specifically engineered thin glass tube which uses  laser light to send and receive Internet packets. It is, far and away, the best Internet Access cable for a variety of reasons. Fiber optic Internet Access is now available to residents at URC in Davis, CA.

Please be aware of the following details in regards to this Internet Access product. If  you wish to take the service please signup with the form below.

  • All speeds are symmetric, meaning you download content and send out or upload content at the same speed.
  • Billing begins on the service activation date, and continues on a monthly basis until written notice is provided. Active circuits take 3-5 days to cancel.
  • We recommend using a new dual band MIMO wireless router, and only the 5.8 Ghz (5G) frequency for best wireless performance with this product. Brands which are easy to use and work well are ASUS, TP-Link or Amazon Eero.
  • Customers ordering the 200 Mbps speed especially need a gigabit capable router using the 5.8 Ghz (5G) band.
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